Accelerate your Recovery

We are working hard with retailers to help find a way to survive and thrive going forward, so we are excited to offer a special range of retail packages to help you accelerate your recovery with omnichannel.


The special offer*

The special offer*

Try GOC Retail’s offer of Cegid Retail free for 6 months including Omnichannel, Mobile POS Solutions, Inventory Tracking, and Retail Intelligence.

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‘Try & Buy*’ offers to help boost your sales post lockdown

*Opportunity to try, at no cost (except for professional services costs) specific Cegid Retail solutions for a six-month period, in case of subscription prior to October 31, 2020 and under the conditions as set out in the Try & Buy Agreement.

Accelerate your recovery : Omnichannel

Omnichannel capabilities will allow you to re-boost your activity, multiply sales and customer service opportunites and ship stock faster –  Click & Collect, Takeaways, Order in Store, E-reservations and Ship from Store.

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Accelerate the recovery - Store Mobility

Nothing will ever be quite like it was, including new social distancing measures, limits on the number of people allowed in stores, along with restrictions on the handling and trying on of certain products.

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Accelerate the recovery - Inventory Tracking

With such rapidly transformed purchasing behaviour, one of the greatest challenges to retailers during this time has been managing and tracking stock.

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Accelerate the recovery - Retail Intelligence

Being able to recover faster from the impact of Covid-19 will rely on optimal decision-making and agility. The amount of data associated with your brand is vast – customer behavior, sales channel performance, purchasing trends, and business performance.

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