Franchise Management

Operating franchise stores expands your selling capacity, but requires the right approach. While all franchisees need to be unified under your brand, they need the ability to differentiate. They need seamless access to the right inventory and customer data, and you need visibility and control over what your franchise network can see and sell. A unified commerce approach will deliver the right mix of centralisation and autonomy.


Unified commerce technology for franchise management

Cloud-based unified commerce is the right approach for franchise operations – it gives franchises the benefit of unification under one brand with  centralised product, customer and transaction data, while giving you the ability to managing the way franchisees can access and use this information.

Unified commerce retail technology solutions

Game-changing cloud-native solutions that will integrate easily and seamlessly to your fashion ecosystem:

  • Multi-store POS – mobile POS and unified commerce platforms
  • Unified Commerce – seamlessly connected technology across all channels
  • eCommerce – integration with all major eCommerce platforms
  • OMS & DOM  – rich product content on all channels, and smart order management
  • Inventory Management – full stock visibility and flexible fulfillment and return options
  • ERP – rich cloud-based supply side systems – ERP, PLM, & WMS

Integration services

We are the integration and technology on-boarding experts. Our philosophy is to build solutions that are flexible and easily include new capabilities as you need them.
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Technology consulting for franchise management

The simpler the experience for customer, the harder it is to achieve. We understand the landscape, we keep our fingers on pulse, and know how to make technology work best for organisations that use a franchise model.
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International expansion

We are integration and technology on-boarding experts. Our philosophy is to create highly flexible solution architectures that make it easy to replace any components and add new capabilities as you need them.
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24-7 Follow-the-sun support for your stores, your systems by a team who understand your solutions and your unique business.
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