Omnichannel Retailing

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With retailers selling and engaging with customers across multiple digital and physical channels, from your website, to online marketplaces and eCommerce platforms, to stores, pop-ups and franchises, the need to deliver a consistent, quality experience and purchasing journey at all touchpoints is paramount.

What Unified commerce gives you

A true unified commerce solution will deliver you:

  • Project a single brand identity to your customer at any touchpoint – from your website to marketplaces to social media to your stores
  • Offer a wide range of omnichannel delivery and return options
  • Deliver personalised experiences with rich online product content on any channel
  • Empower your in-store sales staff with endless aisle capabilities
  • Optimise inventory management from design to delivery
  • Scale the business easily – quickly add channels and expand geographically with new stores and regions
  • Where ever your retail ecosystem needs attention – customer experience, inventory and order management, business expansion, eCommerce – react and adapt quickly

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