BeProduct is a new kind of digital platform that blends the best of Product Lifecycle Management and Digital Asset Management, without the weight and cost of a heavy enterprise solution. All delivered in a modern, friendly and collaborative interface that enhances productivity.



Your digital fashion platform

BeProduct blends the best of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Digital Asset Management (DAM). It will transform your end-to-end processes and workflows, provide great access to your assets and information all in a single, easy-to-use platform that doesn’t overdo the “added extras”.

It’s the best of PLM, packaged in a way that makes the day to day work, backed by the ability of DAM to deliver on the vision of digital product creation.

Collaboration for the modern age

BeProduct is your organization’s private & secure social network for product development. Taking lessons from social media, and the changing ways people consume data and collaborate with each
other BeProduct will redefine the way your teams and partners share information and collaborate with each other in an organizational setting as they ideate and bring their products to market.

Creation and Development

BeProduct blends the bulletproof data model and universal integration of a DAM solution with a toolkit designed to help designers and developers work together. Your creatives can design their way, in Adobe Illustrator, and let BeProduct be smart about bringing the right information in. Your technical developers can validate their material and fit choices in 3D, with ready-made integration to the leading virtualization platforms.

Product Development and Tracking

BeProduct enables you to streamline the entire pre-product process, from the initial design to 3D sample tracking — on a global scale. Its flexibility enables it to fit any process, whether you want to use BeProduct as a more traditional asset manager or start your product development from a digital asset that evolves into a product – and then leverage those 3D assets at scale externally, to suppliers, wholesale, ecommerce and more.

End-to-end workflow and process management

Beyond all that, BeProduct has all the planning, sourcing, supplier management, workflow, visibility, and accountability power you need – accessed through a friendly, collaborative interface that works and feels the way you expect modern software to. Everything from smart color palettes to artwork and components is at your fingertips.

Lightweight and cloud-native

Built specifically for the cloud, BeProduct takes advantage of cloud native features such as auto scaling and continuous deployments. This means that you will not have any problems with performance or application upgrades, as your business grows. Furthermore, we also take care of all the IT stuff for you. So, you will never have to worry about servers, backups or security.

BeProduct offers all the essential tools you need with no extraneous extras, meaning nothing has to be parked until a later date. And for the cost of a cup of coffee every working day, your design, development and production teams – in every department – can be equipped with world-class tools, supported by enterprise-grade data management.