Unified Commerce Solutions

Unified commerce is about creating harmony between all your important customer touchpoints by syncing your sales channels with your backend operations so every customer experience is a consistent and quality engagement with a consistent brand.

Finding a Unified Commerce solution that works for you

Unified Commerce will connect all of your systems – such as eComm, marketplaces, ERP, CRM, OMS and your POS system – in real time and with perfect synchronicity:

  • Optimized cross-store and cross-channel fulfillment.
  • Real-time cross-channel inventory adjustments.
  • Real-time cross-channel inventory management.
  • Unified product information and real-time information adjustment across all channels.
  • Unified cross-channel customer data.
  • Unified cross-channel order data.
  • Verified cross-channel payments and returns.
  • Unified price and promotion management.
  • Real-time insights and reporting.

Achieving Unified Commerce

Unified Commerce across your retail ecosystem is best delivered from a foundation of some key elements:

Cloud-native technology with an “open architecture” – when your systems, such as your ERP, POS or eComm applications are designed with in a way that freely enables a constant flow of information to and from other systems, it will not only enable unified commerce, but also simplify your technology architecture.

Smart interconnectedness – a technology framework that intelligently facilitates communication in real-time between all elements of your retail. This will make onboarding of new functionality and services much faster, and easier to set up.

Micro-service mindset – this means moving away from thinking about monolithic do-it-all systems to a more flexible approach that is more about being able to focus on different technology services. It makes for much faster adoption of new functionality, and gives you the ability to react much faster when part of your ecosystem needs attention.

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GOC Retail works with global brands to build cutting-edge unified commerce solutions, blending a deep understanding of the entire retail ecosystem with technology capabilites and solutions which are designed which give you flexibility and scalability, while always delivering outstanding customer enagagement and experiences with a consistent brand identity.

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Digital transformation goes hand-in-hand with a unified commerce strategy. GOC Retail understands how the pieces connect together and will work with you to find the right fit for your business. We are experts in this, and can help you identify where to focus and what will bring you the most value.

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