Retail Management & POS Software Technology

Whether you are looking for a fully integrated and unified commerce solution which seamlessly connects all of your sales channels, or a straightforward POS solution, we can guide you in what software and approach will be right for you. We have a deep understanding of both the technology and the needs of retailers.

POS and Unified Commerce Solutions

Best of breed POS and Unified commerce solutions which will be your retail hub.

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Game changing cloud-native platform, which is rapidly implemented and easily integrates to your entire retail ecosystem


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Designed for specialty retailers the Y2 solution has rich and broad functionality to deliver unified commerce.


When you need concept-to-consumer supply chain control.  Infor Cloudsuite Fashion is a best-of-breed solution built specifically for fashion retailers.

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OMS & DOM Platform

Give flexible, speedy delivery and return options to your customers across all digital channels, whilst making sure your business priorities are met every time.

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Cloud Solutions

When your retail solutions are delivered via AWS, you get flexibility, reliability, scalability and the ability to innovate more quickly.

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Integration - the key to unifying your digital and physical retail worlds

You want a seamless single journey for your customers across all channels, and the ability to adapt, grow and respond in the constantly changing retail technology environment. So you need to seamlessly and easily integrate to a variety of value-adding technologies. To ensure this happens in a holistic way, where you retain a unified structure  with continued centralised insight and control, you need two things:

The right technology – this means the architecture of your foundation technology is built with an open framework to ensure seamless connection to new (or 3rd party) solutions. It’s also advisable to have access to purpose-built integration tools which accelerate this.

The right skills – it’s not just a matter of “bolting-on” new software to achieve new capabilities. There needs to be a detailed understanding of the end-to-end, big-picture impact. There is no short cut to this: it requires experience in implementing all aspects of a unified retail solution from a business and technical perspective, and  it requires detailed knowledge of the technology.

The importance of seamless integration

Comestri eCommerce and Marketplace platform