We live in a rapidly evolving connected economy where retailers rely on an ever-increasing number of cloud-based solutions and services. You need to deliver new capabilities rapidly, improve customer experience continuously, adapt and scale at will.

AgilyCom will connect it all.



Commerce powered by AgilyCom

Agilycom  leverages the key trend in commerce technology evolution, which is seeing the move away from monolithic, siloed, heavy applications to cloud-based  “microservices” architecture – microservices are the building-blocks of software-as-a-service and allow for smart unification of your technology systems.

  • The design means you can scale automatically depending on transaction volumes
  • Pre-built connectors for major systems (ERP, POS etc) mean rapid integration
  • Instant reactivity that means your data flows through all your systems like ripples in a pond

Rapid anything-to-anything integration – Utilising pre-built templates, Agilycom acts like smart-hooks between your systems and components, ensuring seamless and accurate flow of data across all your systems.

The importance of seamless integration