Order Management Systems (OMS) & Distributed Order Management (DOM)

Across all of your channels, give your customers convenient, speedy and flexible delivery and return options, whilst automatically considering and prioritising your business requirements. GOC Retail delivers sophisticated orchestration of  your inventory, shipping and orders with Comestri’s Order Management System and Distributed Order Management platform.

The right products are delivered to the right customers in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

GOC Retail solutions will automate and orchestrate all of your omnichannel orders and returns across your store networks and distribution channels.  The specialised software gives you greater control in automating exactly how your customer will receive a purchase, meaning they will always have a quick and convenient experience, whilst optimising your business priorities.

Flexible delivery options that delight…

Give your customers flexible purchasing and return options by opening up your store network as a source of supply and return. With full integration across your stores, DC’s and online channels, you can tailor the experience so that the customer feels that it’s all about them.

….While making sense for your business

Give purchasing options that are on your terms – with sophisticated behind-the-scenes artificial intelligence, your customers only see the delivery options that make economical business sense. Prioritise premium customers and preferred channels, ship from the optimum locations, access store inventory only when it suits the business priorities. This can all be configured and changed at will.

Unified product, inventory and delivery availability across all your channels

Giving flexible purchase and return options while considering business priorities means unified visibility into and control of all of your products, how much stock is in place, and where its located. GOC Retail solutions will deliver full orchestrate your inventory, locations, shipping and orders.

Whats the difference between OMS and DOM?

GOC Retail Consultants

How GOC Retail helps retailers with OMS and DOM

At GOC Retail, we know that achieving smart and sophisticated order management, with an amazing customer experience across all channels is hand-in-hand with how you track and manage the flow of inventory across your retail ecosystem.

Easily connected software from Comestri, integrated by experts.
A successful OMS or DOM implementation relies on seamless integration across all your retail technology.  Comestri’s open architecture is designed for this, and with pre-built integrations to major platforms integration is a rapid – whether it’s to your ERP, your sales channels, your payment providers and more.

Supporting your digital transformation
Most retailers are on a journey towards digital transformation. GOC Retail knows that you need to focus on your core purpose and we understand the business behind retail technology. We help our clients know what technology is fit for the right purpose and how to get it working for them.

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