Comestri eCommerce & Marketplace Platform

At the heart of digital success for retailers are eCommerce sites and marketplaces. We use the Comestri platform to allow you to quickly grow your online channel reach – through integration to eCommerce platforms, online marketplaces, shopping comparison sites and affiliates.

Comestri eCommerce & Marketplace Platform

All the tools you need in the one place

Comestri gives merchants the ability to manage and enrich multiple sources of product information and then use this information across independent sales channels such as ecommerce platforms (Salesforce Commerce Cloud, BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify), marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, The Iconic, Catch) and other online channels such as social media (Google, Facebook), email marketing platforms, order management systems and dropship.

Product Information Manager (PIM)

Consolidate product data from multiple systems. Enrich data with limitless attributes, tailor product information and synchronise inventory and pricing. Boost searchability and conversion rates. Target any audience.

Automation Engine

Create rules to automate product behaviour. Optimise how a product is viewed with personalised product titles, content and pricing per channel. Simply your merchandising. Offer relevant promotions and never miss a sale.

Channel Manager

Connect all channels across a commerce ecosystem – business systems, sales channels, websites, marketing channels and suppliers. Facilitates the transfer of data through the centralised commerce hub. Create an agile merchant operating meshwork.

Distributed Order Management System

Manage orders from all sales channels in one place with easy fulfillment workflow that uses intelligent routing rules. Enable click & collect, ship from store, cross border, endless aisle and instore returns.

GOC Retail Consultants

GOC Retail

The integration experts
A successful unified commerce solution relies on seamless integration across all your retail technology. Comestri’s open architecture is designed for this, and GOC Retail has pre-built connectors and integration solutions that make integration a breeze – whether it’s to your ERP, your sales channels, your payment providers and more.

Partnership and focus
GOC Retail knows that you need to focus on your core purpose and we understand the business behind retail technology. We help our clients know what technology is fit for the right purpose. Our clients say they love the relationships we build with them, and the way we enable them to focus on their core business.

Supporting your digital transformation
Retailers are all on a journey towards digital transformation – thinking about how well your digital and physical channels merge, and integrate with your supply side. We are experts in this, and can help you identify where to focus and what will bring you the most value.

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