Your stores are an intimate experience – they’re a showroom and a warehouse and they need to reinvent themselves to support online shoppers and drive sales to the digital channels.

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"Shopping" - change the way you think about your store

“Shopping” is a transformative new tool from the leading French retail technology provider, Cegid,  and it changes the way that sales associates can engage with customers. It’s a mobile or fixed POS, it’s beautiful and intuitive, and it’s fully connected to all your digital channels. It gives your people all the information they need about your customers purchasing behaviour & history and your brand’s entire product range, location and availability so that they can provide incredible, personalised service.

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The store as a warehouse

The days where your eCommerce operations were separate to your store operations are gone. Today, everywhere you stock merchandise can be a point of supply. For your customers this means more purchasing options and better service, for you this means you can distribute your stock across your network according to your priorities, market-demand and seasonality.

The store as a sales channel

The role of the store has changed. They are an intimate experience for customers, and need to reinvent themselves to support online shoppers and drive sales through to the digital channels. They are a complementary touch point, and the connection between your stores and your online channels must be a seamlessly integrated customer experience.